A prefabricated cavity wall system that makes
no compromise on the highest possible building quality



The affordable low-cost housing specialists

• Durable
• Thermally Efficient
• Damp Proof
• Fire Resistant
• Earthquake Resistant

A prefabricated cavity wall system that makes no compromise on the highest possible building quality

Developed in South Africa for local African conditions


Building with ReadyKit

A tried and tested building system for the new century that matches quality with delivery speed and gives the owner a magnificent opportunity to gain some easily learned construction skills that result in a substantial cost saving.


The process has been approved by the National Home Builders Registration Council in South Africa. Our buildings have passed SA Bureau of Standards for strength, waterproofing and have been awarded a 60 minute fire rating.
Agreement Certificate 2012 / 426 refers.

Flexible & Adaptable Building Kits

The ReadyKit prefabricated cavity wall system allows for no compromise in quality, as well as providing the customer with maximum flexibility in house design. If you do not select one of our standard units, merely fax or email us your design. We will adapt it to our system, cost the prefabricated kit and assist you in the process of finalizing the project in record time.

The house is delivered in kit form, foundations dug, and erected in two days complete with roof, doors, windows, full electrical reticulation and plumbing. Completion requires plastering of the exterior wall panels, laying the concrete floor, painting and glazing.

Where soil conditions involve heaving clay, or there is the danger of flood or of earthquake, we have designed structural features that cater for these adverse conditions.

Low Cost Affordable Housing

Costs are saved by the completion process being controlled either by the end buyer, or on their behalf by track housing contractors who need to concentrate only upon a few elements. Thus costs can be cut drastically as the vagaries of site time and crime are minimised.

Green and Planet friendly

Readykit incorporates the most planet friendly materials available. Renewable SA Pine has a positive carbon footprint and most other materials are carbon neutral. We constantly work to keep abreast of the latest technology to cost effectively reduce dependence on external services - water, electricity and sewage disposal. Building design, orientation, under floor insulation and roof ventilation contribute to maximising thermal efficiency and minimising running cost.